Quick Search

Quick search does exactly that. It gives you a really quick way to search for a shape.

Hit ALT-SPACE anytime and you'll see the Quick Search popup:

Quick search

In fact, the only way to show Quick Search is to hit ALT-SPACE. No item in the menu. No button.

It's almost...mysterious.

When you show the Quick Search window, focus is already set to the search field. Just start typing in the name of a shape, or a tag, and instantly matching shapes in your local libraries start to list out horizontally as you type...

Quick search 2

Now, just drag a shape from the panel into your drawing and Quick Search disappears.

Want a bigger selection? If you have a subscription to Simple Diagrams Online Libraries <https://www.simplediagrams.com/online_libraries/>_, you can tick the Include Online checkbox and search online as well:

Quick search 3

When searching online, you'll see a bit of extra information like how many shapes are available, and a small link button "Show more" if you want to load the next 50 available shapes.

NOTE: You have to hit RETURN or click the search button at the end of the input field when including Online Libraries.

There you have it. Simple. Mysterious. Quick Search.