Making Diagrams

Adding Shapes

One of the main tasks in creating your diagrams will be moving shapes from the library into your drawing. The basic mechanism for doing this is either dragging and dropping the shape from the library, or double-clicking it, which causes SimpleDiagrams to add a new instance of the shape to the middle of the drawing board.

TIP: Double-click a library shape to add it directly to the middle of the drawing board

Connecting Shapes

Once you have some shapes in your diagram, you'll probably want to connect a few to show relationships. You can use the Line Tool in the Toolbar Line Tool .. image:: /_static/images/line-tool.png. When you select the line tool and then roll over a shape, you'll see small blue x marks around the shape. These are called Connection Points.

Connection Points indicate where you can attach a line to a shape so that the line remains attached the shape when you reposition or resize the shape later. Below you can see that I rolled over the "Connect me" square with the line tool.

Connecting Shapes

Click on any of the blue x marks and then drag your line to any other shape. That shape's connection points will now become visible and you can use them to finish your connection.

Connecting Shapes