The last thing you need is one more complicated tool vying for your time and precious brain cycles. SimpleDiagrams wants to help you make the sketches, diagrams and visualizations you need without spending endless hours learning how to use the interface to do what you want.

There's nothing stopping you from just firing up SimpleD and going to town, help docs be damned.

However, if you're the cautious and sensitive type (and you're still reading this so I think you are), you'd probably appreciate a friendly introduction to how SimpleD works and what kinds of neat things you can do with the app. These docs are for you.

You might also be somewhat of a tech geek, and want to figure out how you can twist SimpleD to your own machinations. These docs are also for you, you just have to go farther down the table of contents to find stuff like how libraries are made, how you can create your own SimpleD-ready SVG shapes, etc. etc.


SimpleD is made by McQuillen Interactive Pty. Ltd., and made possible by a number of open source projects, including:

  • Apache Flex SDK <>
  • SWIZ <>
  • FlexXB <>