Presentation Mode

Sometimes you want to use your SimpleDiagram when you're explaining something interesting to your friend or colleague. Which is good because that's what SimpleD is for. However, in this situation the main user interface can get in the way. That's why there's "Presentation Mode."

Presentation mode is a way of launching a separate window that just shows your SimpleDiagram. No user interface. You can use this window when explaining something during a screen recording, or Skype session, etc. It's a simple view of your diagram, without any toolbars or panels cluttering the space.

Furthermore, there are a few helpful tools that make it easier to talk about the diagram, like a pencil that fades after you've used it.

Starting Presentation Mode

To start Presentation Mode, select "Start" from the "Presentation" menu.

Presentation mode in menu

At this point, two things happen:

  • A new window appears with your diagram in presentation mode
  • A special control window appears in the main SimpleDiagrams window

Presentation mode example

At this point, you can move the presentation window to another screen or make it full screen. Then you can start talking about it to somebody who cares.

Controlling Presentation

You can control the presentation window in a few ways.

  • Presentation Controls dialog in main window
  • Shortcut keys in presentation window
  • Hidden control buttons in presentation window

The Presentation Controls window lets you control your document as you talk about it.

Presentation mode controls

You can pick either an arrow pointer (one of three sizes) or the pencil tool.

Use the other controls to toggle screen size, whether forward/backward arrows appear in the presentation window, how much of the diagram area to match and the arrow keys to move between tabs in your document.

Cursor Tool

Use this when you just want to point at things while talking. Move around in large circles when you forgot what you were going to say.

Pencil Tool

This tool allows you to draw directly on the presentation. You can toggle the "Fade" button here so that your drawing slowly fades away. This is handy if you want to point something out by circling it, but then don't want that circle to hang around.

Presentation mode pencil selected

Arrows Checkbox

Check this box if you want navigation arrows to appear directly in the presentation window.

NOTE: When you select this checkbox, you still won't see the arrows immediately. You have to hover over the lower left portion of the presentation window to use them. They look like this:

Presentation mode arrows

Area Control

Use this control to modify how much of your diagram is shown in the presentation window.

  • Match current : show the portion of the diagram that's currently viewable in the main SimpleDiagrams window.
  • Full document : show the entire document, not just what's currently viewable in the main SimpleDiagrams window.

Move forward and backward between the tabs of your SimpleDiagrams document. Use the double arrows to move to the first or last tab.

Presentation mode arrows

Control Keys

There are a few keyboard shortcuts that you can use when you're in presentation mode and the presentation window is active (make sure it's active by clicking in the window before trying these keys).

PC macOS Description
Basic Command Shortcuts
V V Pointer (cycles through three sizes)
P P Pencil
T T Toggle pencil fade on/off
Left arrow Left arrow Previous tab
Right arrow Right arrow Next tab
Shift left arrow Shift left arrow First tab
Shift right arrow Shift right arrow Last tab
SPACE SPACE Clear drawings