Quick Reference

Here's a quick reference to the command keys and other shortcuts you can use to make your life easier when using SimpleDiagrams.

PC macOS Description
Basic Command Shortcuts
ESC ESC Show/Hide action panels
Ctrl X Cmd X Cut selection.
Ctrl C Cmd C Copy selection.
Ctrl V Cmd V Paste selection.
Ctrl Shift V Cmd Shift V Paste selection in place.
Ctrl T Cmd T Add a text box to the center of the diagram.
Ctrl Z Cmd Z Undo
Ctrl Y Cmd Y Redo
Ctrl G Cmd G Group selected items
Ctrl Shift G Cmd Shift G Ungroup selected items
Ctrl J Cmd J Open library manager
Ctrl K Cmd K Create new custom library
Ctrl L Cmd L Lock selected items
Ctrl Shift L Cmd Shift L Unlock selected items
Ctrl N Cmd N New file
Ctrl O Cmd O Open file
Ctrl S Cmd S Save current file
Ctrl Shift S Cmd Shift S Save current file as new file
Ctrl Shift E Cmd Shift E Export current file (as .png, .pdf or .svg)
Ctrl Shift I Cmd Shift I Import diagram(s) from a saved document into the current open document
Ctrl Shift F Cmd Shift F Show the xml structure of the current document.
Ctrl W Cmd W Close current file
Ctrl Q Cmd Q Quit SimpleDiagrams
Ctrl Shift N Cmd Shift N New diagram in document (creates a new tab)
Ctrl Shift D Cmd Shift D Duplicate diagram in document (creates a new tab)
Ctrl R Cmd R Open diagram properties window
Ctrl D Cmd D Open shape data window
Ctrl E Cmd E Export shape data window
Ctrl Shift - Cmd Shift - Zoom out one step
Ctrl Shift + Cmd Shift + Zoom in one step
Tool Shortcuts
V V Select Pointer tool.
Z Z Select Zoom tool.
P P Select Pencil tool.
M M Select Marker tool.
L L Select Line tool.
T T Select Text tool.
SPACE SPACE Switch to pan (grab) tool
Library Panels
F1 F1 Show Shapes panel.
F2 F2 Show Backgrounds panel.
F3 F3 Show Templates panel.
F4 F4 Show Extras panel.
F5 F5 Show Favorites panel.
F6 F6 Show Search panel.
Double-click drag bar Hide/Show Panels
Manipulating Shapes
Alt (drag) Alt (drag) Constrain a shape horizontally or vertically while dragging.
Shift (drag) Shift (drag) Constrain a shape's proportions while dragging.
Alt (arrow key) Alt (arrow key) Flip shape horizontally (left arrow or right arrow) or vertically (up arrow or down arrow).
Ctrl Shift [ Cmd Shift [ Move selected shape to back of diagram layers.
Ctrl [ Cmd [ Move selected shape backwards one level in diagram layers.
Ctrl ] Cmd ] Move selected shape forwards one level in diagram layers.
Ctrl Shift ] Cmd Shift ] Move selected shape to front of diagram layers.
Manipulating Connector Lines
Shift (hover) Shift (hover) Hold Shift key down while howevering over a green connector point (except first or last) on a connector line in order to turn it red so that clicking it removes that point.
Alt then click-drag Alt then click-drag Quick Connector Mode! This one is cool. Hold down the alt key to switch to quick connector mode. Nearby shapes should immediately show their blue "X" connector spots. Just click one of those and drag to start a connector. After you finish your connector your cursor will return to the previous mode.)
Alt-Shift then click-drag Alt-Shift then click-drag Same as Quick Connector Mode (see above), except that you can draw a multi-segment connector. Just keep clicking for each segment.
Secret functions
Ctrl Alt Shift U Ctrl Cmd Shift U Show a "History" window.
Ctrl Shift K Cmd Shift K Export an image of the currently open library.
Presentation Mode Shortcut Keys
V V Pointer (cycles through three sizes)
P P Pencil
T T Toggle pencil fade on/off
Left arrow Left arrow Previous tab
Right arrow Right arrow Next tab
Shift left arrow Shift left arrow First tab
Shift right arrow Shift right arrow Last tab
SPACE SPACE Clear drawings